SS Photography was established in 2012 by Shantyl O'Donnell when she discovered a passion of shooting offroad racing and the thrill of capturing that spectacular action shot.  Since then, Shantyl has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best including Michael Ellem from Offroad Images and Randall Kilner from Dirtcomp Magazine which has assisted her to develop her skills and build a photography business that is known and present at many events across Queensland and New South Wales. 

SS Photography has been a regular contributor to Dirtcomp Magazine for many years and has also been the official photographer for a range of events including Cliffhanger 4WD Event, SSS Winch Challenge Series, Winch Truck Challenge Series, Xtreme Winch Challenge Series and the XWC XI RFC in 2012.  As SS Photography has grown, Shantyl has had the assistance of some great photographers and helpers along the way including Shane Gerrish, Ryan Peagram, Renee Thompson, Lyndal Roth, Tori O’Connnor and this year welcomes Rosie Sims to that list.

SS Photography is currently the official photographer for Cliffhanger 4WD Event as well as a sponsor of the SSS Winch Challenge Series. 

Away from offroad racing, Shantyl still loves to capture that spectacular shot and in 2018, Shantyl started to further develop her skills and attended a series of workshops covering portraiture, landscape and food photography. While this is a new venture for Shantyl, all of this is with the aim to extend the services that SS Photography can offer. Watch this space!!!

Please have a browse through the Image Library and take a look at some of the amazing images captured by SS Photography.  If you would like to purchase any of the images, professional prints and digital products can be purchased using a secure and easy-to-use online store.  If you are interested in a package deal from one of the offroad events, these are available on discussion with Shantyl.   If you are looking for a custom poster for yourself or a sponsor SS Photography can also assist here, please discuss with Shantyl.


If you have an event you would like SS Photography to photograph, please contact Shantyl to discuss your requirements.